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Rikkaidai Fuzoku LJ Comm

Welcome to the LJ community dedicated to Rikkaidai Fuzoku's tennis club, the 2 year reigning national champions in Tennis no Oujisama, by Konomi Takeshi.

This is a community dedicated to gushing and general silly fangirling over Rikkai Dai Fuzoku. Discussions should be Rikkai-centric, altough other schools are ok, as long as it relates to Rikkai. We are open to yaoi/het/gen and interschool fanworks, as long as said fanwork deals in large part with Rikkai members.


1. Please avoid introductory posts unless you have something useful to say along with "hi", so we can keep the comm uncluttered.

2. Share your fic, art, caps, scans, opinions, theories, fangirling, whatever. Just make sure to properly label things that should be labelled (rating, pairing, particular kinks). Also, if you are linking to a post on your own journal, make sure it is not friends-locked. If you don't want the post to be unlocked, post it in the comm and lock it here.

3. LJ-cut all spoilers, plus images wider than 300 pixels, posts with large text and longish posts (such as fic).

4. Please remember that this is an English-based community, and so all posts to the comm should be in English. It is perfectly okay to post links to fics in any other language, as long as the post to the comm is English and you warn people what language the post you are linking to is in.

5. This community is dedicated to Rikkai, so please stay on topic. This means, if you are posting a link to a fic dump, feel free to include the blurb for those fics that are about Rikkai's members, but please leave out those that have nothing to do with Rikkai. If you are are linking to an icon post where only some of the icons are related to Rikkai, please do not post a long list of all the fandoms/schools, simply say something like "5 Rikkai icons in a Multi-fandom post" or "3 Rikkai icons in a general PoT post."

6. Do not, under any circumstances, post any fanart that does not belong to you unless you have have express permission from the artist (this includes Japanese fanart!), or repost private photos taken from actors' blogs or sites. This also means that you cannot link to icon posts that include icons made from fanart you don't have permission to use, or photos taken from actors' blogs or sites.

7. Please lock media-sharing posts, including songs, doujinshi, etc.

8. Don't spam the comm. Don't advertise RPs and the like unless you have gotten permission from the mods. No sales posts!

9. Respect each others' opinions and have fun. :D

10. Renji says: Do not feed the Akaya. He bites. ;D

11: Akaya says: *CHOMP GNAW*


Disorderly Conduct: The Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Fanlisting!

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